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Five Scary Movies You Likely Haven’t Seen, but Should

Here’s my latest article for Her Campus. Halloween is almost upon us. As fun as the Addams Family and the Sanderson Sisters are, we spend the same thirty-one nights of Halloween with them every year. And now, with the Halloween season being spent mostly indoors, we might run through the scary classics quickly. So, this … Continue reading

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Democracy Isn’t a Spectator Sport: An Interview With Jen Rafferty

This is my latest article for Her Campus. “Democracy isn’t a spectator sport,” shared Jen Rafferty as she told me about what prompted her to get involved in this year’s election. “I mean, [gestures vaguely at everything]. If not now, when?” Jen is a dedicated warrior for democracy. There are many causes she believes in, … Continue reading

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Title IX Is Under Attack And It’s Students Who Will Suffer The Most

On June 23, 1972, Title IX became law. Forty-eight years later, its letter and spirit are under assault by the Trump administration. I am joining SSAIS in their fight against these harmful changes, and I hope you’ll join me. SSAIS is determined to uphold K-12 students’ right to an education free from sex discrimination, despite … Continue reading