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Free Video “Sexual Harassment: Not In Our School!” is Now Available

I am so happy to announce that Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! is now available. I invite you to preview the free video and related materials at and to share this game-changing resource with everyone you know. You can locate specific content using the Video Contents link at You may also click on the image below to go directly to the video.


The timing of this release is perfect. Earlier this year, the Washington Post reported on the prevalence of K-12 sexual violence and how Stop Sexual Assault in Schools ( is addressing it. This summer, SSAIS received a grant to create a groundbreaking presentation that informs K-12 families about sex discrimination, sexual harassment, protections under Title IX, and more. Given the changes at the US Dept. of Education, the time to disseminate this information couldn’t be better, and you can help.

Want to host a free screening of Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! at your school or organization? We’d love for you to! Visit the SSAIS website to learn more or contact SSAIS for additional information.

Here’s what you’ll see in Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!

The video begins with high school students planning a gender equality club. The students watch and interview experts across the country to explore these questions:

  • Where does sex discrimination come from and why should students address it? Professor Caroline Heldman
  • What is Title IX and why should students know about it? Neena Chaudhry, National Women’s Law Center
  • What are LGBTQ rights under Title IX?  Rebecca Peterson-Fisher, Equal Rights Advocates
  • How does the school Title IX coordinator answer a parent’s complaint about sex discrimination? Keasara Williams, Title IX coordinator, San Francisco Unified School District
  • What options do students have when schools mishandle reports of sex discrimination? Adele P. Kimmel, Public Justice
  • How can community crisis organizations help students with sexual harassment and assault? Cheryl Ann Graf, ARNP, sexual assault educator.
  • What can families and the community do to promote safe and equal learning environments? (experts and student activists)

A huge thank you to Esther Warkov at SSAIS and everyone else who helped make Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! possible. This free video is the K-12 sexual harassment and assault educational tool that we need to help combat this issue in our schools.


4 thoughts on “Free Video “Sexual Harassment: Not In Our School!” is Now Available

  1. Great news! I can’t wait to watch it. I know this video will go a long way to bring the necessary education to students and organizations on this important issue. So proud of your work with SSAIS.


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  3. Just watched for the first time and am in complete awe of what has been produced by Esther Warkov & Joel Levin of Stop Sexual Assault in Schools.
    Thank you so much…. I continue to learn so much about these issues through you, and so wish that we had known of the rights granted by Title IX and how our school system should have reacted to save Grace from continuing trauma.
    Their commitment and the work of all the advocates shown give me hope that change may come and prevent future tragedy.
    Please ‘like’ and follow Grace McComas Memorial page on Facebook and remember our bright, sweet child G.R.A.C.E. by Giving Respect And Compassion to Everyone.


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