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Women’s Solidarity March Sarasota

Although I’m a dedicated activist, this was my first march. It felt amazing to see thousands of people taking to the street to have their voices heard. It made me feel hopeful and made me so proud to be an American. But, I realize (and I hope others do too) that while marches such as this one are important, real change comes when we get involved to help make change. Voting is a critical element to that and so is action. Pick a cause you’re passionate about helping and get to work!

We’re always looking for more help at Stop Sexual Assault In Schools.

This first photo is for you Sonia Pressman Fuentes, one of the original founders of NOW (National Organization for Women) and a lifelong feminist activist. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

The second photo is for you Esther Warkov, Co-Founder of Stop Sexual Assault In Schools and champion of the cause to end sexual assault in K-12 schools. You work is helping lead much-needed change.

The rest of the photos are just for fun.





Minnah is a Florida State University Dean’s List student in her senior year. She studies Media & Communications and Film. She is a writer and a passionate activist, working to educate students on power-based personal violence. Minnah serves on both the SSAIS and the kNOw MORE advisory boards. She is also an intern in the Florida State House of Representatives and is a staff writer for Her Campus. When she isn't working to make her campus a safer place, she enjoys playing the banjo, embroidering and watching old movies.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Solidarity March Sarasota

  1. So proud of you Minnah. You help to dispel my worries that the next generation won’t pick up the banner and continue the fight for women’s rights. Did you see that the Equal Rights Amendment is again being filed in Congress. Florida was one of the states that blocked its passage in the 1980’s. We need to get us passed this time. No Ecuses!!!


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