Our Mission To Put An End To Sexual Assault

I started EMPOWER U as a way to bring awareness, leadership, and resources to Sarasota County high school students to prevent sexual assault. Statistics show that 1 in 5 college girls will become a victim of sexual assault. I felt compelled to do something to stop this and joined with others who feel the same; we hope you’ll join us too.

I believe by talking about the subject and providing education, resources, and tips, we are giving local teens the knowledge they need to help prevent sexual assault by practicing safety measures, learning basic self-defense, and becoming good bystanders who step in and take action to protect others.

By starting the conversation I hope students, parents, educators, and the community will join together to put an end to sexual assault so there will be no more victims and no more inaction by those who could help.

I hope anyone who visits this blog or our website will find it educational and inspirational…take the pledge! Then, encourage others to do the same.

How To Contact Us

221 Beach Road #119
Sarasota FL 34242


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