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Title IX Is Under Attack And It’s Students Who Will Suffer The Most

On June 23, 1972, Title IX became law. Forty-eight years later, its letter and spirit are under assault by the Trump administration. I am joining SSAIS in their fight against these harmful changes, and I hope you’ll join me. SSAIS is determined to uphold K-12 students’ right to an education free from sex discrimination, despite … Continue reading

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Watch This Webinar: Sexual Assault & Harassment on School Campuses

When JWA approached me about doing a webinar to educate viewers on the facts of sexual assault and harassment on school campuses, I was so happy to participate. Since 2014, I have been actively working to inform as many students as possible about this threat that no one is talking to students about. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Abortion Rights Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here’s my most recent article published on Her Campus. You may read it here or on the Her Campus website. As COVID-19 continues to take the United States by storm, there is one unintended consequence that no one saw coming. Government officials and activists who are antiabortion are seeing the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity … Continue reading