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Minnah Selected to Participate in the Elect Her Training Day

The following is a compilation of two articles written by Running Start and Her Campus. Women make up half of the population, but less than one in four elected leaders are women. When women run, they win at the same rates as men – the problem is that there aren’t enough women running.  We know now that countries … Continue reading

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Title IX Is Under Attack And It’s Students Who Will Suffer The Most

On June 23, 1972, Title IX became law. Forty-eight years later, its letter and spirit are under assault by the Trump administration. I am joining SSAIS in their fight against these harmful changes, and I hope you’ll join me. SSAIS is determined to uphold K-12 students’ right to an education free from sex discrimination, despite … Continue reading

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Watch This Webinar: Sexual Assault & Harassment on School Campuses

When JWA approached me about doing a webinar to educate viewers on the facts of sexual assault and harassment on school campuses, I was so happy to participate. Since 2014, I have been actively working to inform as many students as possible about this threat that no one is talking to students about. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Informative K-12 Sexual Harassment and Title IX Video is a Must-See

This article I wrote was published on jGirls Magazine 11/16/19. It has been republished below. Film Review: Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! Video Teaches K–12 Students How to Address Sexual Harassment and Their Title IX Rights Genre: Educational Video Release Date: 2016 Director: Esther Warkov and Joel Levin Producer: Debbie Brubaker Duration: 1 hour 17 … Continue reading

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‘It Happened Here’: A Documentary About Sexual Assault on College Campuses Comes to FSU

I am excited to announce that I finally got approval from Florida State University (FSU) to hold a screening of the college sexual assault documentary It Happened Here. A great degree of effort has been made by the university to make FSU a top college, and it’s meeting this challenge with outstanding success. The approval … Continue reading

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Five Survivors Speak Out in the Sexual Assault Documentary “It Happened Here”

This article I wrote reviewing It Happened Here – the powerful sexual assault documentary I use for screenings to educate high school and college students – was published in jGirls Magazine. You may read the article below or on the jGirls website. Genre: Documentary Release Date: 2014 Director: Lisa F. Jackson Producer: Marjorie Schwartz Nielsen … Continue reading

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Women in the film industry don’t lack ambition. They still lack opportunity.

In recognition of International Women’s Day today, I am posting my article that was published on the Women’s Media Center website on 3/1/19. You may view it on their website or here. This article is my second on this subject and  continues my look into gender inequality as it relates specifically to women in the … Continue reading